COLIN has published 35 books including the official biographies of Judge Dredd and Roy of the Rovers, as well as a Definitive History of the Ryder Cup. Other non-fiction subjects include James Bond, Dr Who, Poker, Fred Astaire, Sports Science, Movie Reviews & the Olympics.
colin m jarman authors the compleat angler part three book list novel

Working for over three decades in sports media, Colin appeared on TV as STATMAN (a super-hero soccer statistician he created), was the inaugural CEO of the Budweiser American Football League in London, and a former Hon. Secretary of the Kent Cricket Heritage Trust. 

colin m jarman futureball comic strip the compleat angler part three novel

A member of the Society of Authors, Colin's fictional work includes creating the sci-fi comic strip story "Futureball" for Roy of the Rovers mag, and an optioned musical screenplay "When Stars Collide" on the early career of Noel Coward, plus six other scripts.

He has also fished all over the USA - from coast to coast - while on various book research trips inc TCA3. 

Colin-Jarman LA Rams-Celebrity Fishing Irv Pankey

Colin at the inaugural Irv Pankey Celebrity Fishing Tournament in Los Angeles with L.A. Rams' players Robert Cox & Buford McGee. 

While living in Sarasota/Tampa, Colin filmed "Bounty of the Bay" - a sixty-minute environmental / fishing show - in conjunction with the Florida Wildlife Commission. 

Colin-Jarman CatFish Tennessee River fly fishing

Catfish from the Tennessee River.


Colin is a member of the Tonford Fly-Fishing Club, Maidstone Victory Angling Society and Wantsum Angling Association.

colin m jarman redfish tampa bay sarasota fly fishing

Redfish from Sarasota, Florida. 

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Colin-Jarman-fly Fishing-Malawi-Africa

8yo Colin (far left) fly-fishing in Malawi, Africa with his family. 

Colin-Jarman Fishing-Sun-Casting Tampa Bay Florida

Sunrise over Hillsborough Bay, Tampa.

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